XIV Stns Chapel

All places of worship have one thing in common: they are places of tranquility, solemnity and solace.  They imbibe prayer and communication with God, and activate our senses to tune in to His presence.

To achieve this, traditional Catholic churches are typically heavily guilded, ornate and grand.  In contrast, most modern churches have been peeled off of these luxurious trimmings, at the expense of religious symbolism.  XIV Stns Chapel is conscientiously designed to contain as much religious language, without the fanfare of embelishment.

The chapel consists of inter-related layers, from the outdoor naturescape – to the ambulatory which is protected by a concrete shell – to the interior sanctuary, encased in glass.  The motion from one space to the next contributes to an experience conditioning the chapel goers’ spiritual mindset.  A symphonic penetration of light into the inner sanctum is orchestrated by the main outer shell concrete and glass skylight.  Images of the fourteen Stations of the Cross created through undulating concrete latices, envelope the ambulatory which is visible inside and outside the chapel.

Although its massing is a square box, the layout follows a traditional latin cross.  The axis of the nave and altar forms a cruciform with the lateral aisles, its shape echoed as well through the glass skylight.

All these elements come together in composition strong enough to inspire, yet ever so subtle, that focus is not taken from the chapel as being a place of worship.


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