The home as a retreat and place of respite relies heavily on comfort, security, and peace.  The shell and exterior shields from the outside urban environment—characteristic of noise, congestion, and fluctuation – while protects its serene, calm, and quiet interior.

The owners of the Trichotomy House are firm practitioners of Buddhism, where harmony and balance are central to their beliefs.  A cyclical process of distillation and refinement in the design process provided a space where these two qualities take equal dominance.

Calculated positioning of fenestrations welcome wanted natural light and ventilation.  Wooden louvers soften and diffuse visual access of the interiors from the outside.  Careful consideration of the space layout results in a harmonious transition of spaces from public to private.  Open spaces and cathedral ceilings make for the ambulatory circulation to flow freely, while interior sight lines are unimpeded. Although the surrounding area offers no appreciable vistas, pocket gardens within the property make for a scenic background.  This inward focus symbolically emulates a man in reflection and deep thought.  This inward focus emphasises the home as private and personal.  This inward focus is this created space, where heart is central and is introspection embodied.


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