SPLt Bx (Split Box~SPeciaLty Bakery)

Shophouses are a category on its own.  It is a very personal space for it serves the same user in two important aspects of his daily life: work and home.  This dichotomy naturally requires a physical split in the shophouse architecture.  We believe, that despite the practicality for the two spaces to be directly linked, the clear separation of work and home remains a must.

The design strategy came in shifting floor plates.  The ground floor (shop) is oriented perpendicular to the street, while the upper floor (home) is oriented parallel.  The shop is a bakery/commissary that provide breads and other baked goods to other restaurants and hotels.  With the nature of kitchens to be hot environments, we located the heat sources (ovens) clear of the floor plate above, as hot air rises.  Alternatively, with the kitchen requiring a hygienic environment, the washrooms on the second floor have been positioned to avoid any portion of the kitchen below.

The SPLt Bx bakery-house remains to be a traditional shophouse with modern, mindful twist.


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